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Have you always wanted to write a blood-curdling thriller, but you just don't know how? In my 'Guide to a successful thriller in 9 steps' I teach you everything about devising, writing, publishing and promoting your thriller.


'Watch out! Mike’s back in your life.' Claudia looks at her Instagram post. What could it mean? Who’s the woman who sent the message? And who’s Mike? Could that be Michael van Kessels, a famous darts player who’s started following Claudia on Instagram again? As a thriller writer, Claudia is fascinated by the challenge of finding the answers to these questions and so she investigates. She meets the woman. And she decides to try dating Michael. But the further she gets in her inquiries, the more she realizes that she’s in fear of her life. Quitting is not an option, though.

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  • Stupenea has a pleasant writing style and is a dab hand at code-switching between young adults and adults in her dialogues. Her novel is well structured, exciting, direct and romantic. Moord om de Hoek (‘Murder round the Corner’) features a number of erotic scenes which the author describes with a combination of honesty and tastefulness. Stupenea complements all this with a deft, fastidious pen and a plot that is full of surprises.

    In conclusion, Moord om de Hoek (‘Murder round the Corner’) is an outstanding debut that is most definitely moreish!

    By Hanneke Tinor-Centi, owner of HT-C Communicatie en Marketing, literary agent, book marketeer and reviewer.