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Vera grew up in the Republic of Moldova, the poorest country in Europe. Moldova is a landlocked country, bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north. It is known especially for its wines, but also for its tapestry-woven carpets known as kilims. Vera thought it would be nice to put together a selection of rose kilims and wines from the country of her upbringing.

Kilims are traditional tapestry-woven carpets produced in the Republic of Moldova. They are typified by a decorative motif consisting of brilliantly coloured flowers set against a contrasting background. These traditional rugs are well suited to a plain, rustic interior, but fit just as well in a more elegant or classical style. Each traditional rose kilim in Vera’s collection is between 30 and 80 years old, hand-made and in mint condition. You can order a kilim in any size.

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Moldova has everything a wine-producing country could possibly wish for: fertile soil, an ideal climate, the cooling influence of the Black Sea  and many centuries of wine-making experience. In short, all the conditions are in place for the production of excellent wines.

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Others about the author

  • Stupenea has a pleasant writing style and is a dab hand at code-switching between young adults and adults in her dialogues. Her novel is well structured, exciting, direct and romantic. Moord om de Hoek (‘Murder round the Corner’) features a number of erotic scenes which the author describes with a combination of honesty and tastefulness. Stupenea complements all this with a deft, fastidious pen and a plot that is full of surprises.

    In conclusion, Moord om de Hoek (‘Murder round the Corner’) is an outstanding debut that is most definitely moreish!

    By Hanneke Tinor-Centi, owner of HT-C Communicatie en Marketing, literary agent, book marketeer and reviewer.