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1. General

The following delivery terms and conditions are part of all our offers and also of every transaction concluded with us, insofar as both parties have not expressly deviated from this in writing.
A reference by the customer to its own purchasing conditions is not accepted by us, unless the contrary has been confirmed by us in writing in advance.

verastupenea.nl is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under file number 51786079.

1.2 Address
Forest vine 50

T: +31 6 12120444
E: info@verastupenea.nl

1.3 Bank details
account no. : IBAN:NL 11 RABO 0181672030

1.5 Website: www.verastupenea.nl

2. Offers

All our offers are always without obligation.

Transactions are only binding on us if they have been confirmed by us in writing, or from the time at which we have started their execution; this also applies in particular in view of the offers and commitments made by our representatives or other persons in our service, as well as the agreements made by them.

3. Dimensions, weights, drawings and pictures and technical data

The sizes, weights and technical data stated in our offers, catalogues, stock lists, circulars and other advertising material, as well as the drawings and images shown are only approximate and are without obligation, unless we expressly provide a guarantee in writing. The copyrights to images, drawings, schemes and designs provided by us, as well as in general to what is published by us, belong exclusively to us, regardless of whether costs have been charged for this; These publications or their contents may not be made available to third parties, in whole or in part, in any form whatsoever without our permission.

4. Prices

Prices quoted by us are non-binding in the sense that they are based on the factory prices applicable at that time, exchange rates of foreign currencies, import duties and equivalent levies, insurance rates, freight, taxes, margin schemes and other such factors. If one or more of the factors mentioned changes before delivery has taken place, we are entitled to adjust the stated prices in a fair manner, at our discretion. Unless otherwise indicated, our prices are quoted per item and exclusive of turnover tax and other government charges related to the sale and delivery.

Trade discounts granted by us only apply to orders up to a gross value (excluding sales tax), higher than a limit to be determined by us in each case. When exchanging goods, of which we have paid the first delivery in terms of transport costs, the customer will be charged for the second delivery.

5. Delivery

All our deliveries within the Netherlands are subject to the condition: `freight free delivery address`.

However, for orders below an invoice amount to be determined by us each time (excluding sales tax), we reserve the right to charge the freight costs and we will charge a small order surcharge in accordance with the applicable law at the time of delivery. surcharge rate.

The risk of the goods to be delivered by us transfers to our customer upon actual delivery of the goods to the delivery address indicated by us. Our prices are based on this facility. For internal administrative reasons, a separate amount is stated in this regard in the context of quotations, invoices, etc., which amount, however, forms part of the price.

6. Packaging

Unless the goods are delivered by us in factory packaging for which our own supplier does not charge us separately, the packaging costs may be charged extra by us; Packaging calculated by us will be credited for the full amount provided it is returned free of charge within one month of the date of delivery.

7. Delivery times

The delivery times stated by us are only approximate, unless a specific delivery period has been expressly guaranteed by us in writing.

Apart from cases in which we have provided a guarantee in this regard, compliance with the specified delivery time depends on our capabilities.

In the event of force majeure and other circumstances of such a nature that fulfillment of the transaction cannot reasonably be expected of us, including the case that our own suppliers are not able to deliver, the delivery time will be extended by a period equal to to that of the persistence of those conditions.

Except in the case of gross negligence on our part, exceeding the delivery time does not entitle the customer to wholly or partially dissolution of the transaction, nor to damage


If delivery has not taken place within six months after the transaction was concluded, we ourselves and the customer have the right to cancel it. This right also exists if the transaction has already been partially executed.

We are authorized to deliver an order in its entirety or in parts after successive availability of the goods. If we deliver in parts, we are nevertheless entitled to demand payment by invoice relating to a partial delivery in accordance with the applicable payment conditions. Without prejudice to the foregoing under 7, for on-demand transactions, the purchased goods are divided as much as possible in equal quantities and in installments over the time determined for the purchase; if this does not happen, the customer is in default, without any reminder or notice of default being required on our part, which gives us the authority, described under 8 below.

8. Obligations of the customer

In the event of unexpected non-compliance by the customer with his obligations, including the case that he refuses to take delivery or has not made a payment at the agreed time, we will always be entitled, without a reminder or notice of default being required, to to declare the transaction dissolved without judicial intervention being required, without prejudice to our claims for compensation, while we are then also authorized to cancel all other current transactions with the customer concerned, insofar as not yet executed, under equal conditions; any cancellation always results in the exigibility of everything owed to us.

9. Payment

Payment of the invoice amounts must be made within fourteen days of the invoice date, or so much earlier as agreed. Payment has been made as soon as verastupenea.nl has access to the money.

Payments made in any other way, in particular handing over to our employees, are only valid after written confirmation from us.

Unless we have expressly agreed otherwise in writing with the customer, a payment from the customer will extend and be booked by us as deducted from, resp. to settle the oldest invoice(s) due, on the understanding that we are always authorized to deduct payments from resp. to be regarded as payment of (an) outstanding invoice(s) at our discretion.

As soon as payment has not been made on time, the customer owes credit costs on the invoice amounts concerned.

In addition, credit costs can be charged to the customer as soon as payment of the invoice amount has not been made within 30 days of the invoice date (by crediting our bank or giro account).

If we consider it necessary in the event of late payment to place our claim(s) in the hands of third parties for collection, we will notify the customer of this in writing; as a rule, we will set a short term to be determined by us, within which the customer must still fulfill his obligations, unless in a particular case, in our judgment, immediate collection measures are deemed necessary. If we decide to take collection measures, the associated costs will be fully borne by the customer; at our option we can charge him for all the actual costs, for which we are taxed ourselves, or for an amount equal to fifteen percent, calculated on the amount owed to us (principal sum, including credit limitation surcharge, and credit cost reimbursement).

We reserve the right to demand security at all times for the timely payment with a view to deliveries already made and deliveries to be made, which security may be, at our discretion, in the form of advance payment, bank guarantee, mortgage, pledge or suretyship.

10. Retention of title and pledge

We reserve the title to the goods until the customer has paid the amount owed by him with regard to claims under this or a similar agreement for goods delivered or to be delivered and/or services performed or to be performed, as well as with regard to claims due to shortcomings in the fulfillment by the customer of this or a similar agreement, including interest and costs. Despite our retention of title, the goods delivered by us are held by the customer at its own expense and risk.

The customer is obliged to make the items delivered under retention of title, including any components and newly formed items, actually available to us on first request. The customer now irrevocably grants us permission to enter the buyer's premises in order to take back the delivered goods, without prejudice to our rights to full compensation.

As long as the buyer has provided all that he has to us

has not paid in full, he is prohibited from establishing a pledge on the goods delivered by us or otherwise encumbering them for the benefit of a third party.

If the buyer delivers the goods delivered to him by us under retention of title to a third party, the buyer is obliged to retain ownership of the goods.

We transfer the ownership of the goods subject to a right of pledge on our behalf with regard to other claims by us against the buyer than referred to in the first paragraph of this article.

The customer is obliged to cooperate with the necessary actions at our first request.

11. Material defects; factory warranties

We will never accept or accept any further obligations. guarantees granted other than the obligation (at our discretion) to replace or credit or repair the delivered product, to which the material defects adhere; in particular, we can never be held liable for compensation of any damage suffered, of whatever nature. Nor can we be held liable for compensation for any damage suffered, of whatever nature, if goods are delivered under any manufacturer's or importer's warranty; In this case, the handling of a warranty claim is entirely at the discretion of the manufacturer or importer concerned.

Our customer indemnifies us against all damage, costs and interests that may arise for us as a result of claims from third parties in connection with the goods delivered by us.

12. Complaints and returns of goods

Without prejudice to the provisions below, our customer is obliged to check the goods for conformity with the stated order immediately after delivery, regardless of the place where the goods are delivered in accordance with the order.

In the event of complaints, goods delivered by us will only be returned, resp. returned after prior consultation with one of our sales staff; the foregoing also applies if we agree that goods will be returned for repair, without there being any complaint.

If it concerns complaints about incorrectly delivered or packaged goods that were delivered damaged, the complaint must be submitted to us in writing by the customer, accompanied by the relevant packing list, at the latest on the seventh day after the day of delivery; a complaint is only valid if the packaging is still in its original condition. If goods have been assembled or processed by the customer, a complaint, regardless of the grounds, including the case of incorrect delivery, is no longer permitted, even if it is submitted within the set term; in such cases we are not obliged to make any kind of compensation.

Oral complaints and complaints submitted after the expiry of the said term will not be accepted. On goods collected from our warehouses, only complaints made immediately upon delivery will be considered. Unpackaged goods, if damaged on delivery, must be refused by the customer.

If goods delivered under the manufacturer's or importer's warranty are returned for the assessment of the warranty by the manufacturer or importer concerned, any costs that may arise for us in this regard may be charged to the customer.

In the event of goods returned to us for repair without a complaint being made, these goods will continue to be regarded as having been delivered to the customer with all associated consequences, while the (possible) costs of repair and transport will be charged to the customer. are being brought.

In cases at our sole discretion, goods delivered by us can be returned and credited for reasons other than those stated above, provided that the date of delivery is not older than thirty days, the goods are still in their original condition and packaging and to our stock range; therefore, goods specially ordered for our customer will not be returned under any circumstances. If a case such as this occurs, we will charge the customer for so-called `credit costs`, which consist of 3% per shipment with a minimum of € 15 (the amount being rounded down to a multiple of € 5), on the understanding that for devices with a value of more than €250, a fixed amount of €25 per device will be charged.

One amount will be charged with the description "credit costs" (including freight and administration costs). Submitting complaints does not release the customer from payment in accordance with the invoice.

The provisions of this under 12 do not affect the other provisions of these general terms and conditions

Terms of delivery. With every distance contract, the consumer has a period of at least 7 working days within which he can withdraw from the contract without paying a fine and without stating reasons. For the exercise of his right of withdrawal, the consumer will be charged at most the direct costs for returning the goods.

13. Approvals and Restrictive (installation) regulations for use or sale in another country

Products that must be provided with a quality mark pursuant to Dutch regulations are supplied by us in the version for which the quality mark was issued. In addition, we also carry products that do not have a Dutch quality mark. The products we offer are in principle intended for sale on the Dutch market. Sale or installation of these products in other countries may be subject to restrictions or restrictions. are not permitted and are at the risk of the customer.

14. The competent court

Disputes that unexpectedly arise between customers and us will be settled at our discretion by the competent court in Amsterdam or the competent court of the place where the customer has domicile, subject of course to mandatory law.

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