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Moord om de Hoek(‘Murder round the Corner’)

A charming little provincial town is thrown into turmoil when 16 year-old Sophie ends her life. A letter is found in which she blames her teacher, Jonna, for driving her to this act of despair. However, when Sophie’s neighbour is also found dead, police detective Pieter Gravemaker begins to wonder whether Sophie did indeed commit suicide. He begins his quest for the truth by questioning Jonna and it’s not long before romance blossoms between the detective and his attractive suspect. The tension mounts when Jonna’s young son is kidnapped...


Others about the author

  • Stupenea has a pleasant writing style and is a dab hand at code-switching between young adults and adults in her dialogues. Her novel is well structured, exciting, direct and romantic. Moord om de Hoek (‘Murder round the Corner’) features a number of erotic scenes which the author describes with a combination of honesty and tastefulness. Stupenea complements all this with a deft, fastidious pen and a plot that is full of surprises.

    In conclusion, Moord om de Hoek (‘Murder round the Corner’) is an outstanding debut that is most definitely moreish!

    By Hanneke Tinor-Centi, owner of HT-C Communicatie en Marketing, literary agent, book marketeer and reviewer.